TABLE TOP – Cannabis Marketing Copywriting

TABLE TOP cannabis brand marketing copy
Lazy meme by TABLE TOP cannabis brand
Inspirational quote parody by TABLE TOP cannabis brand
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TABLE TOP – Cannabis Marketing Copywriting

MySpace, jpegs, clip art, GIFs, message boards… the TABLE TOP brand is anything but slick in terms of design, but that’s kind of the point! With a 1990s internet feel and the tagline Medium Vibes Only, you know exactly what you’re getting into with this value-priced cannabis brand. 

Owned by BZAM Ltd., TABLE TOP is for folks who just want what’s good, nothing fancy. Mainly focused on bulk packaged flower and pre-rolls with funny names like Fuzzy Hammer and Zombie Kush, it didn’t have a huge marketing budget but it was probably the most fun to work on. 

I was responsible for the TABLE TOP brand voice and all copy outputs including product descriptions, product naming, web content, email copy, videos, in-store merchandising, social copy, stickers, BBQ aprons, back scratchers and anything else Health Canada would let us put our stamp on.  

Brand Manager: Katherine Webb

Designers: Christopher Li, Gianna Thompson, Nick Mcdonald

Senior Copywriter: Jessica Grajczyk