Canadian Red Cross – ‘Be That Someone’ Campaign

Be That Someone Canadian Red Cross Campaign - OOH
Be That Someone Canadian Red Cross Campaign Social Media

Canadian Red Cross – ‘Be That Someone’ Campaign

Anticipating the need to recruit volunteers and paid staff during disaster season and pandemic response, the Canadian Red Cross (CRC) came to Proof Strategies to create a recruitment campaign to position them as the humanitarian organization to join if you want to make a real difference for people in crisis. They also wanted to show that no matter the skills you bring, if you want to help, there is a place for you with the CRC. You can be that someone to provide relief for people in need, with opportunities to volunteer or work in a variety of capacities, from the phone lines to the front lines.

As part of a broader communications plan led by an all-star integrated Proof Strategies and Capital-Image team, we were enlisted to develop a creative campaign that would deliver the above messaging in a compelling way in English and French. The campaign was executed regionally leveraging video, paid social, paid digital, DOOH and press + partnerships. We implemented a new talent acquisition landing page and designed a unique immersive video experience to connect with interested candidates after application submission. 

The results:

  • 126% increase in applications
  • 27% increase in understanding of Canadian Red Cross Services
  • +14-point lift in awareness of services featured (we had hoped for a +5.75-point increase)

Our messaging and creative not only achieved the objective of increasing people’s understanding of the work performed by Canadian Red Cross, but it also inspired them to consider volunteering or working for the organization. Many, in fact, chose to apply directly for specific paid and volunteer roles because of our program.  


Agency: Proof Strategies / Capital-Image

Art Director: Ryan Walton

Senior Copywriter: Jessica Grajczyk


cairns oneil: Paid Media Planning & Trafficking (Programmatic Video & Banners) 

Makers: Video & Photo Production 

Canadian Red Cross