BZAM – Cannabis Marketing Copywriting

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BZAM – Cannabis Marketing Copywriting

Owned by BZAM Ltd., a multi-licensed Canadian cannabis producer based in Vancouver, BC, BZAM is a cannabis brand for the seasoned explorers. The ones looking for unique lineages, choice cuts and intriguing flavours. The out of the ordinary and out of this world, but totally within reach. They’re on a mission to keep it interesting, flavourful and fresh with their frosty flower, pheno-hunted in house, best-selling vapes, potent infused pre-rolls and classic black hash. Ask for BZAM by name and see where the puff takes you. 


As Senior Copywriter at BZAM Ltd., I was integral in the development and evolution of the BZAM cannabis brand from its inception and early days dipping its toes in the realm of comic books, to its latest iteration as a referential brand that looks like a collage from trippy 1970s ‘zine clippings mixed with optical illusion. 

I was responsible for BZAM’s brand voice, campaign ideation, concepting and all copy outputs including product descriptions, product naming, web content, email copy, videos, in-store merchandising, social copy, stickers, t-shirts and anything else Health Canada would let us put our stamp on.

Brand Manager/Creative Direction: Matt Web

Designers: Christopher Li, Gianna Thompson, Nick Mcdonald

Senior Copywriter: Jessica Grajczyk