CLHIA ‘Fraud = Fraud’ Multi-Year Campaign

Ad for Fraud = Fraud campaign for CLHIA, copywriter Jessica Grajczyk

CLHIA ‘Fraud = Fraud’ Multi-Year Campaign

The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) was concerned that many Canadians were unknowingly committing benefits fraud and becoming involved in fraudulent schemes. Most Canadians were unaware what constituted fraud or the serious consequences such as loss of employment or jail time.

Proof Strategies was tasked with helping Canadians identify benefits fraud and avoid becoming involved in fraudulent activity. Research revealed that Canadians didn’t care about the consequences of benefits fraud for insurance companies or the health care system, so our campaign focused on highlighting the very serious personal consequences they would face if they falsified their health or dental benefit claims. Our goal was to show Canadians that benefits fraud is a real crime with real consequences.

Our campaign included brand and logo development, a website, ongoing social, paid, DOOH, PR and sponsored editorial.

The results:

  • 26M+ impressions (18M goal)
  • 4M+ video views (1.5M goal)
  • 154K+ clicks to site (78K goal)
  • 77% understood that benefits fraud brings real consequences
  • Awards: ACE Awards, Sabre Awards, IABC Toronto Ovation Awards


Agency: Proof Strategies

Art Director: Ryan Walton

Senior Copywriter: Jessica Grajczyk