The Integratron, Landers, CA

Place: Palm Springs, CA, USA

Time: September, 2023

I went to Palm Springs and walked around in the 98-degree sunshine and squealed with joy and waved dollar bills at the world’s best drag queens and stood at the feet of King Kong Marilyn and ate and drank the most delicious treats and lounged by the pool at a pretty motel covered in black murals of giant flowers and didn’t even get burnt and my favourite part was a tie between lying inside a wooden dome at the crossing of nine energy meridians with 20 strangers while big bowls of sound penetrated our bodies as we summoned benevolent aliens and driving a jeep through Joshua Tree and marvelling at all the knobby cactuses and rock formations and then travelling back to the lower desert city trapped in 1969 through the sandy wind that made the sunsetting sky look smoggy but it was just sand and in the end I wasn’t even mad that there wasn’t a single hetero man for miles but I was kinda mad that I only had a single date shake.