Creative Challenge: One-Line Yelp Reviews

Creative Challenge: One-Line Yelp Reviews


It’s no secret that I love to spend (some might say waste – as if!) all my money on eating and drinking my way through the city, and my recent move to Toronto has given me an endless supply of new culinary experiences to work with. So, I decided to combine my true loves (food and writing) into a creative experiment where I challenge myself to encapsulate each new restaurant experience into a single line. Sure, the lines could be compared to run-on sentences but I’m just going to call it stream of consciousness restaurant reviewing and leave it at that.

Why would I do this?!

Part of my job as a copywriter is to be an observer of markets, subcultures and human behaviour, and translate my observations into succinct words. I figured this experiment would challenge me to distill an establishment down to its essence and see if I can effectively communicate that essence with a single line. I’m also approaching most of them with a bit of humour since that is my favourite way to write.

I already have a pile of reviews lined up with more added every week, so I will likely post one or two each week.

Feel free to add me on Yelp and follow my adventures! I will also be posting the reviews on Facebook and Twitter.

What do you do to challenge yourself creatively?

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